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Tales for an Unruly Audience | Fool's Paradise (Brighton Fringe)

Tales for an Unruly Audience is an impactful performance of immersive storytelling, reminiscent of a simpler time of tales and triumph. The show is inspired by bardic tradition and takes the audience on a journey of mystery and awe. With a unique mix of improvisation, stories rehearsed to perfection, and audience participation, you are certainly in for a theatre experience you will not forget.

Tales for an Unruly Audience is a one-man performance showcasing the talent of George Attwill. George was able to command the audience for the entirety of his performance, a difficult job for a singular person on a large stage. He is witty, personable, and wonderfully talented - with on-the-spot jokes, commenting on the things happening in the moment, and pre-written comedic material, there were few moments throughout the performance in which the audience were not laughing. George has a clear passion for theatre which was displayed in his performance, and this is what really elevated the show.

With simple staging and direct lighting on the stage, the atmosphere of a traditional storytelling environment was created. This was really important in allowing the audience to feel immersed in the performance. It also allowed the audience to gain a relationship with George, breaking down the barriers of performer and audience member, feeling more as if your friend was telling you a story than sitting in an isolated theatre seat.

Props were a big part of the performance and what made this show such a memorable one. Before the show began, we were handed confetti guns and ping-pong balls. This created a great amount of excited suspense for what the show had in store. When it came time to use both props, the audience erupted into overwhelming laughter and cheering, really feeling as if we were a part of what was happening. It also helped to highlight the talent of George, improvising hilariously on-point jokes, the arguably most hilarious parts of the show.

Overall, the direction of the show was incredible. Everything was polished to perfection and clearly thought about in great depth. From the script, to the comedic timing, to the props and set, there was not one thing out of place. Despite being reminiscent of the past, the show felt fresh and modern and perfect for an audience looking for something new and unique.

Tales for an Unruly Audience is a show that has incredible potential. It will keep you hooked from the moment you are handed your confetti gun, to when you feel the goosebumps rise in your arms as you reach the end. George and this show are certainly going to go far and this will be very well deserved. Theatre is all about connecting with your audience and allowing them to get lost in your show, and this was the epitome of that. Tales for an Unruly Audience is playing at Fools Paradise Brighton until the 12th May - for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


Gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography provided by theatre company


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