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Arrr We There Yet? | The Vaults @ Fool's Paradise

Arrr We There Yet? is a feel-good, family-friendly acrobatic comedy sure to put a smile on any child’s face. If you are looking for the first piece of theatre to take your little ones to, then look no further. With stunts sure to leave you in awe and jokes that will have both you and your child in stitches, you do not want to miss it. The show lasts for one hour, so is perfect if you’re looking for something that isn’t too long, but boy do the performers pack a lot into that hour.

Audience participation is key with Arrr We There Yet? as the cast select a handful of children to join them on stage to play a game of what was essentially musical statues but with a crocodile. This instantly creates a good relationship with the audience and is heart-warming to see. Not only was the show great for kids, but, there was definitely something there to keep the adults interested, and that was the jaw-dropping stunts.

One performer who stands out is Thomas Gorham. Not only does he perform incredible stunts with ease, but he holds the audience captivated by moving the story along in a witty and fast-paced way. He is able to think on his feet and interact with the audience, tailoring his jokes for both kids and adults, getting laughs from all throughout the performance. The show would not have been the same without him.

The lighting, sound, and props are used effectively throughout the performance. An example of this is a scene where the characters are underwater. During this scene, the lights turn the entire venue blue and the sounds of water flood the space, allowing the audience to fully indulge. As children look in awe around them, the rest of the audience watch as a shark carrying treasure enters the stage, ready for the next comedic scene. The use of the treasure is a clever technique in this moment as it creates an excellent goal for the scene previously mentioned, when the children are able to participate.

Unfortunately, the performance, in places, feels slightly under-rehearsed. As much as the stunts are polished to perfection, it feels like work on the script came secondary with multiple slip-ups; the cast often unsure when to say lines, and therefore almost talking over each other. As an adult in the audience, this takes some of the magic away as it appears like the show is not quite ready for the stage. That being said, the children in the audience didn’t seem to notice and the stunts and jokes were executed very well. With a few more performances, I’m sure those moments will be as polished as the rest of the show.

Overall, the show was incredibly enjoyable and will be a huge success. The cast’s talent is unmatched and everybody left the theatre grinning from ear to ear. If you are looking for a family-friendly show that will keep you captivated, you’ve found it. Arrr We There Yet? is running at Fools Paradise, Brighton until 2nd June - for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


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