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Godz | The Vault @ Fool's Paradise (Brighton Fringe)

Godz is a spectacular display of talent mixed with expert comedy, and hilarious audience interactions. With bizarre twists and turns, the audience never quite knows what is coming up next, something that is perfect for some, but terrifying for others. With dangerous stunts and jaw-dropping acrobatics, if you love being kept on the edge of your seat, this show is

for you. A stand-out performance comes from Cal Harris, stealing the show, not only due to his incredible talent as an acrobat, but also his heartwarming comedic style. He creates a connection with each audience member, and adding a level of realism to an already outrageous show.

The lighting design adds to the suspense as the audience are plunged into the darkness waiting with bated breath and anticipating what comes next. As well as this, the lighting was effectively used to set the scene on stage, that was for the most part, completely bare. This was a clever technique in allowing the stage to be clear for stunts, but still making it clear for the audience where we are in this story. The use of props in this production are effective in enhancing the death-defying stunts that the performers partake in. Whilst initially seeming as just part of the set decoration, the chairs become a stack for perfomer Liam Drummer to do a handstand at the top.

Unfortunately, where the show seems to be lacking is in the narrative - the beginning lacks direction with the performers displaying their stunts, but with no real driving force behind them. As much as the audience are in awe, it feels difficult to be fully invested. However, not long into the show, the narrative begins and makes the audience feel more connected which was evident in the audiences response. The narrative does feel choppy and lacks in depth, but this is not the purpose of the show, and for a comedy/acrobatic performance, it does what it's supposed to go.

If your idea of a perfect show is one that will leave you gasping for air, whether in shock or laughter then Godz is certainly for you. With a unique mix of genius comedic performances and impressive stunts, you will definitely not be disappointed. Godz is running until 2nd June at Fool’s Paradise in Brighton. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


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