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RuneSical | Online Livestream

RuneSical is brought to life by Gigglemug Theatre, and is inspired by BAFTA winning and Guinness World Record Holder online game 'RuneScape.' As someone who's not overly familiar with this highly popular game, and online gaming in general, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this musical.

Gigglemug Theatre aim to create accessible theatre and have recorded their musical for theatre fans to view and enjoy worldwide. Advertised as a choose your own adventure, viewers can choose their own quest and watch their choices come to life by clicking on pre-recorded short clips. This is an incredible idea as it allows audience members to feel completely invested in the narrative, as the story unfolds based on the choices that have been made. It also gives opportunities for repeat viewings to allow audiences to take a completely different journey and find enjoyment and satisfaction on lots of different quests - just like the game itself.

This is a show that's completely self-aware, not shying away from getting incredibly silly, and slightly poking fun at the world of gaming. Whilst there were many gaming references and gags intertwined within the narrative, there were also an array of general jokes that made this piece of theatre accessible to a wider range of audiences. Whilst there is no thought-provoking plot or serious character arcs to invest in, it's fun to just get swept along on the nonsensical and chaotic journey.

Musical direction comes from Amy Hsu and whilst the lyrics lacked any real depth or meaning, the songs were incredibly catchy and did an effective job in moving the story along. Filled to the brim with humour and the occasional musical reference (Hamilton being one of the highlights), there was utmost enjoyment to be had with these fun and jaunty tunes. Some of the cast paired up as the musicians for the musical elements, and this alongside the strong vocals from the cast, particular from the lead Christian Maynard, made the music one of the strongest aspects of this production.

The cast are all incredible in encapsulating the characterisation of an online character. The hilarious use of mannerisms such as walking like a character when giving the online audience a choice, or twirling around when changing outfits, added a layer of humour and wit to this production. With some of the cast multi-rolling several characters, they are completely effective in adapting their performance with a slight change of costume and subtle but obvious physical characterisations.

As musicals go, RuneSical is a 'level up' from standard musicals, allowing audiences to take control of bringing their own stories to life. Whilst an absurd theme for a musical, this show is absolutely perfect to get lost in fun and energetic entertainment. RuneSical is available to view online here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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