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Rockstar | King’s Head Theatre

Adventures in Theatreland’s last visit to Tania Azevedo’s ‘MT Pride Lab’ takeover at the King’s Head Theatre was Olly Medlicott’s (Writer and Director) ‘Rockstar’.

Jack (Charlie Purbrook) and Billy (Will Mugford) are singer-songwriters yearning for their success to grow. However, what happens when their manager (Olly Medlicott) advises that they need a girl, so Mara (Emily Sawtell) is introduced into the mix? Unfortunately, this results in a cliché love triangle with limited original substance. At least the backstage antics were remarkably expressed with the cast’s enthusiasm. My highlights were the moments ‘offstage’ where charisma and fieriness were unleashed.

Quality lyrics greatly complimented the passionate storytelling. Focus in on the words and you’ll find much enjoyment. Standalone the lyrics are strong, but the music and the vocals not so much. I wish the melodies and the vocal performances were as gripping as these lyrics, especially as the show is labelled a musical. Impressive foundations but reworking is required. The songs seem relevant in the moment, but none were memorable or catchy. Looking to the physical side of performance, there was an impactful change in stance when the characters did not believe in the hearts what they were singing.

Jack’s stubbornness and aggression backstage was astounding. Instantly bringing a heated atmosphere, I knew I would never want to get on his bad side. Billy seemed at first the classic, loveable side character, yet it becomes apparent that you shouldn’t undermine him. My heart melted for him whenever he was victimised. Sawtell held some incredible notes during Mara’s solos.

A relatively key plot point is raised towards the end in an abrupt attempt to resolve the characters relationships and for there to be a happy ending. It seemed as if minimal attention had been paid to this section of the script as it was too fast paced for there to be any depth. Final scenes are important for leaving an overall impression on an audience member, so my view overall view of ‘Rockstar’ had been tainted. I just wish there was more creativity in terms of the story and a more unique journey on which the characters would go.

Rockstar plays at King’s Head Theatre until 15th July. For more tickets and information, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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