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Ben Goffe (The Choir of Man)

The Choir of Man is causing quite the storm on the West End and it is clearly a fan favourite. This jukebox pub-set show follows a male choir as they reflect on their different lives through song. Causing quite a rumble in the jungle, this show has played on tour, at the Edinburgh Fringe and in Earl's Court, and has now settled into a run at the Arts Theatre. We took the opportunity to speak to Ben Goffe (who joined the cast in their most recent cast change, in June 2023) to tell us more about the show.

Q) For those readers who haven’t seen Choir of Man or have no idea what it’s about, how would you describe the show?

The best pub concert you’ll ever go to! Music, mates, good times! It’s 90 minutes of fun but with those touching moments as well. Basically, 9 guys singing a whole range of songs in a pub.

Q) You each have a character but also play yourselves onstage. How do you find that balance between it just being you, but also portraying the character you’ve been given?

The Handyman character is basically me in real life so it never feels like I’m playing a character, I always feel like I’m coming into the theatre to have a laugh with the rest of the company and that’s a great feeling. What makes this show personal is our “Home Speeches” where we talk about what home means to us. These are our own stories and it’s when the audience really get to know us on a personal level.

Q) Some of you play instruments in the show – did you learn these specifically for the role or did you already know how to play them?

I play Trumpet, Piano and Percussion in the show but my favourite instrument is the Trumpet. I’ve been playing for 20 years and it’s so nice to bring that skill to this show. Normally I don’t get to play the Trumpet in the shows I’ve performed in as there has always been a Trumpeter in the band/

orchestra so it’s really nice.

Q) What has been a personal highlight of the choir of man experience for you so far?

For me, it was when my family came to see the show for the first time. My parents are both in the industry (my dad is an actor and my mum is an international dance examiner) and to see them in the audience with a big smile on their faces really made my night.

Q) What is your favourite number to perform in the show?

I have 2 favourite numbers! I love the song “Some Nights” which comes at the end of the show. It’s a big dance number and it always gets the audience on their feet. My other moment is when we sing “Chandelier”. It’s the first moment when we actually just stand and sing a song without movement or instruments.

Q) The Choir of Man encourages a lot of audience interaction, what has been your favourite memory from doing this?

I love the fact that we have a lot of audience interaction. Before the show even starts, we come out and have a chat to the audience which people really enjoy as it sets the mood for the evening. Of course, there have been a few “enthusiastic” guests especially when one of the cast members sings “Teenage Dream” to an audience member but it’s always fun to see how they react.

Q) What do you hope audiences take away from watching the choir of man?

I hope the audiences leave a little happier than when they first came into the theatre. We all have struggles in our lives and I hope that for those 90 minutes, we can let them forget about their troubles and simply have a great night out.

Q) If you could each give one word to encourage someone to go see Choir of Man what would it be?

BOOK NOW!! I know that’s two words but it’s a simple fact. You won’t regret booking your

tickets so I hope we get to see you in “The Jungle” soon.

The Choir of Man is currently playing at the Arts Theatre, London until 18th February 2024. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


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