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The Silence and The Noise (Online Movie)

The Silence and The Noise follows the relationship of Ben (a drug runner) and Daize (the daughter of a drug addict), as they navigate their place in a turbulent and dangerous world. Directed by Elle While and Rachel Lambert, and written by Tom Powell, the story becomes an interesting discussion about the characters, their choices, consequences and morality. Produced by Rural Media and Pentabus, The Silence and The Noise returns after making waves at several film festivals. It is currently nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress at the Canterbury Film Festival and Broadstairs Film Festival. 

The story is an interesting one, and is deeply rooted in a reality that we don't often see, with a strong narrative. It's a moving and thought provoking perspective, focusing on the effects on two mostly innocent teenagers. Filled with complicated truths and questioning their own moral compasses, the piece excellently aims at peeling away at the tough exteriors of the characters. However the characters themselves feel a little weak, often only reacting to new developments so we never truly know who they are, making it hard to truly immerse ourselves into their world. Originally written and staged as a play, the film retains its theatricality and hence doesn't quite utilise the medium of film as much as it could. Primarily a conversation between the two leads, the dialogue carries the story forwards, yet we don't see much of this world beyond what is painted through the characters words. Unfortunately the dialogues themselves are often too dramatic and jumps between topics frequently, making the long conversations hard to follow and engage with. Whilst logically sound, it's hard to emotionally understand why the two characters are drawn to each other. 

Leads Rachelle Diedricks (Daize) and William Robinsons (Ben) perform well, and deliver passionate performances. Diedricks has an incredible talent in her emotional control, allowing her to switch from hardened, cold and merciless teenager to a grieving, raw and pitiful individual within a scene. Robinson has a stunning quality in his acting, bringing the perfect amount of fear and pride to Ben. His haunting vulnerability and touch of sweetness seeps into this world most, exposing the extent of the grim situation. The film makes the right decision to follow the characters closely, often invading personal space and including the audience as another character in the scenes. Achieved by Luke Collins, the director of photography, the line between the distance of film and the intimacy of theatre blurs in the film. There are also a few particularly powerful moments of quiet visual imagery to denote the passing of time, including the ashes of Daize's school work, and the worn out sofa in the woods. The harshness of the world is countered by writer Tom Powell's sensitivity and using the raw emotions of the two leads, ultimately the film becomes a thoughtful commentary and an almost tender love story.

The Silence and The Noise is currently available to watch online for free on YouTube. 




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