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The Pink Doll Cabaret | Crazy Coqs

Following its four-time sold-out run at New York’s iconic 54 Below, The Pink Doll Cabaret has made a sensational UK debut at the Crazy Coqs. The Crazy Coqs, known for its intimate and charming atmosphere, is the perfect venue for this delightful performance. This cabaret features nine incredibly talented Gen Z musical theatre performers: Florence Bannigan, Jodi Bird, Rachel Clare Chan, Emily Goodwin, Olivia Hallett, Mary Moore, Lottie Mae O’Kill, Jillian Michelle Smith, and Travis Wood.

The Pink Doll Cabaret is a fun and enchanting show that takes audience of that generation on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It pays homage to the favourite cult-classic animated doll songs of the early 2000s (and beyond!) - you can use your imagination to guess which it is (wink wink). Imagine the magic of those beloved melodies coming to life on stage – it's a treat for anyone who grew up during that era.

The brainchild of co-producers Jillian Michelle Smith and Florence Bannigan, the idea for the show began in a dorm room during their teenage years. Their passion and vision have culminated in this dazzling pink production, starting with a heartfelt introduction from the producers themselves. What follows is a selection of toe-tapping hits that capture the spirit of THAT iconic pink doll.

The simplicity of the staging, with just microphones on stage allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the melodies and the performers' talents. While it might have been helpful for the performers to provide some context before each number, the songs themselves are so pleasing to the ear and instantly memorable that they stand strong on their own.

Each performer has a chance to shine, whether in solos, duets, or group numbers, showcasing their performance skills and vocal abilities. The show is filled with jazz and pizzazz, with each artist bringing their personality to the forefront. Accompanied by a three-piece band led by the superb Music Director Ella Ingram, the musical arrangements are simple yet powerful, never overshadowing the singing.

Standout numbers include Rachel Clare Chan's rendition of “Rapunzel’s Theme,” which beautifully showcases her vulnerability and range, and Jodi Bird's “(Not) A Picture Perfect Girl,” where her clean and breezy quality truly shine. Bannigan delivers a powerful performance with “This is Me,” while Emily Goodwin charms with “The Cat’s Meow.Olivia Hallett dazzles with "I Want It All." However, the highlight might be Travis Wood’s “How Can I Refuse?” which is both comedic and impeccably acted and sung. The entire cast excels in bringing the music to life with sincerity, but it is their collective harmony in group numbers that truly elevates the songs such as “Right Here In My Arms” and “Written In Your Heart”.

The Pink Doll Cabaret, coincidentally running on the same evening as the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, offers a refreshing alternative to the sparkles of a bigger stage. It’s particularly joyful to witness young performers embracing songs from their childhood, singing their hearts out, celebrating their friendships and living their dreams on stage.

One cannot help but leave the cabaret with a smile, not just from the delightful performances, but from the knowledge that these talented young individuals are the future changemakers of the musical theatre industry. The Pink Doll Cabaret offers a nostalgic yet fresh experience that will leave you enchanted and uplifted. It deserves a longer run and a bigger, more sparkly pink stage.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4*)

Gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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