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The Golden Hinde Escape Room

Arrr you ready for an immersive theatrical experience while combating escape rooms atop and inside a 1500's ship that sailed all the way around the world (twice!)? Prepare ye landlubber for an escape experience pulling you from bow to starboard! Put together some skull smashing skills and see if ye have what it takes to free the honourable Captain Francis Drake... Or should you? Come aboard yourself and decide.

Leading us along the journey was a crew of hearty pirates who remained in character and cleverly assisted us when the ghost’s trickery was a bit too tricky for our mortal brains. Something that made this so fun was that the actors really felt they were having fun too. The pirates donned appropriate costuming, which added to the historical feel. Decked out in pantaloons and tights, it was a great immersive aspect when the hustle and bustle of London had faded away. It became very easy to forget my own life for the hour and completely be immersed in the game.

I arrived with my team and a fresh enthusiasm for a fun time. The actors greeted me at the dock, provided me with an "authentic" hard hat (for the low ceilings) and even checked in on us as we went... all as their swashbuckling selves. Some of them were actively involved in the mystery too, but I'll leave that for you to learn.

The rooms had unique puzzles that I hadn't seen before, including a very complex maze that I completely sailed through... Apparently. The tasks were a mixture of pattern following, observation, a little bit of maths, and so much attention to detail. You wind up really listening to every line that's said, as you never know which ones are clues. Different hints and tricks are hidden in every porthole and hull so look high and low, yo ho!

Sound was used effectively throughout the ship. Whether this was a bell ringing, radio broadcast or even a cassette tape, they were spread out throughout the adventure and gave us all another immersive element into the ever-growing world.

For our own reasons, we opted for a non-jump scare route. It was incredible to have this as an option as it meant we felt much more at ease knowing what to expect with regards to lighting and levels of immersion. Now that I've done it once, I would happily be back to see what scares await... And maybe try an alternative character plot line. I can confirm there is more than one!

Most pirate crews weren’t very considerate of access needs back in the 1500s, so the ship itself is quite tricky to navigate with lots of: low ceilings, awkward spaces, small staircases and not many seating options. The actors running the event, however, are very considerate so anything procedural you might need is definitely worth an ask while they work on the physical elements. Their access policies and FAQs can be found here:

We escaped in just under an hour and was told that's very good... How long will it take you? The Golden Hinde is located next to London Bridge and is available to book now through Secret Studio Adventure. You can also get a 20% discount with our special code 'THEATRELANDSECRET' - valid until 15th November 2023.


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