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Six Chick Flicks | Leicester Square Theatre

Six Chick Flicks is a hilarious critique of a nostalgic genre, one that had a hand in raising many of us; the ‘chick flick’. Following huge success at Edinburgh Fringe and an off-Broadway run, the show uses parody to poke fun at some of our beloved films through a feminist lens. It is witty, fast-paced and places every person in the audience into fits of giggles, leaving the venue with nothing but smiles on their faces. Not only did we get the pleasure of watching the sketches rehearsed to perfection, but parts of the show are improvised, creating a close relationship with the audience and creating a sense of awe at the quick and seamless sketches of Kerry Ipema and KK Apple.

An honourable mention must be given to the talent of Ipema and Apple. These formidable performers not only star in the production, the two of them owning the stage, but they are also the writers of the show alongside TJ Dawe, and the sole producers. Their personable nature and infectious spirit are what really stands out about Six Chick Flicks.

Upon entering the theatre, the audience are greeted with a hot pink screen at the back of the stage which creates the perfect mood. The colour perfectly encapsulates the spirit of chick flicks and transports audiences back to the age when films like ‘Legally Blonde’ were being watched and fallen in love with. This paired with the music of the 90s which plays through the auditorium fosters the perfect atmosphere of nostalgia that allows audiences to jump right into the parodies that are expertly performed in front of us.

The staging is simple, putting the spotlight onto the performers, with their talent shining so brightly that nothing else is needed to create an impact. The only item on the stage is a box near the back of the stage in which the performers would use to change small details of their costumes, usually wigs. This adds to the casual feeling of the show, with no hidden costume changes, just an authentic representation of two women’s lived experiences when it comes to watching chick flicks.

The use of choreography is effective, with the show ending with the duo performing the original choreography from the film Dirty Dancing. This moment in particular emphasises Ipema's and Apple's talent, not only comical geniuses, but outstanding dancers too. Each step is performed with perfect accuracy, creating a feeling of indescribable happiness and forming an unbreakable connection with the audience.

During the Dirty Dancing parody, Ipema stops the comedy and seriously speaks to the audience about the ongoing issues surrounding abortion rights in the USA. This unexpected moment grounds the audience as it was such a stark contrast to the comedy that we had been used to seeing throughout the performance. It was an incredibly important moment and something that needs to be addressed, highlighting the lack of seriousness that is often treated within movies written by men.

Overall, Six Chick Flicks is an incredibly lovable show. There is a danger when it comes to parodies that they can come across as critical and isolate viewers who enjoy the original work. However, Ipema and Apple walk this line perfectly, highlighting the glaring feminist issues within ‘chick flicks’ but in a friendly manner. We would recommend it to anyone who grew up watching these films, you are guaranteed to take a trip down memory lane, laughing about the tropes that now appear so obvious. Six Chick Flicks is running at Leicester Square Theatre until the 13th April, and then returns on 25th and 26th June. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Lauren Silberman


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