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Priscilla the Party | Here at Outernet

Get ready for Priscilla the Party to colour your world with the glitziest and most fabulous party in town. Currently running at Here at Outernet until September 2024, the original West End creative team of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert the Musical reunite once again to bring all of the iconic moments of the award-winning film and musical, and infuse it with the feel-good factor and party vibes to create a energetic and flamboyant night out.


Advertised as an immersive production, audiences can expect to be closer than ever to the action, and this enhances the party experience. Immersive theatre has been on the rise recently, and with successful productions such as Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre, it’s no wonder why there is such an appeal for more immersive theatre being produced.

Simon Phillips has created a production in which audiences can be fully immersed into the action, whilst still appreciating the show as a musical. Pieces of the staging move around the dance-floor throughout, and the crowd control team do an incredible job of manoeuvring the crowd around whilst partying alongside. Considering the show is still in its early days, it's evident that the team are working harmoniously to ensure that the movement around the dance-floor feels seamless. Whilst the continuous movement is engaging, the performers will often move around and amongst the audience, however there is limited interaction with the audience throughout, and this feels like a missed opportunity to enhance the experience further.


The book keeps true to its original material and includes all the extravagance and party anthems to truly get the party started, but due to the nature of the party environment inside of Here at Outernet, the more heartfelt and intimate moments of the musical unfortunately get lost amongst the audiences who are seeking that consistent party buzz. In these moments, the cast do lose the attention of some of the audience, and it feels slightly distracting.

Costume design by Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner is incredibly fun and bright, and works well alongside the lighting design by Per Hording, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Ben Harrison's sound design and Stephen 'Spud' Murphy's and Steve Geere's musical arrangements, orchestrations and direction ensure that the music creates the intended atmosphere and is completely vamped up for the audiences to lose themselves in the beat.


The cast do a tremendous job of creating a party atmosphere. Trevor Ashley steals the show with comedic timing and a natural ability to gain the audience's attention and respect. Reece Kerridge is absolutely divine in the role of Adam/Felicia, bringing a breath of fresh air of naïve innocence into the character. Kerridge gives a show-stopping performance as a Drag artist, as well as demonstrating a natural ability to embody his character. Dakota Starr and Owain Williams complete the trio of drag performers and there is an incredible rapport amongst the team, with both Starr and Williams giving really heartfelt and passionate performances that bring the true message of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert to the forefront. A special mention must be given to the Divas (Grace Galloway, Gracie Lai and Sara Louise) for incredible vocal performances and the ensemble (Brandon Gale, Isidro Ridout, William Elijah-Lewis and Samuel Stokes) for high-calibre choreography.

Upon entering the venue, guests can expect to be greeted by the most welcoming staff, and from the offset it feels more of an experience rather than a show. There are different experiences available, from premium mezzanine dining, to dance-floor tickets with the option to purchase drinks and bar foods. After the show, audiences can stay behind to continue the dance the night away, with a live DJ coming onto the stage. This is an immersive experience that pulls out all of the stops to guarantee a euphoric and joyous experience.


Priscilla the Party is an unapologetic life-affirming, joyous, beautiful party show, full to the brim of love and acceptance. Priscilla the Party is the perfect opportunity to grab your nearest and dearest and boogie the night away on the dance floor. Priscilla the Party is currently booking up until September 2024 – for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Marc Brenner


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