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Miss Brexit | Camden People's Theatre

Miss Brexit, which is written and directed by Alejandro Postigo and Amaia Mugica, is a hilarious, and yet, heartfelt portrayal of immigrant issues in this satirical play. Using Brexit as a focal point, this production is a wonderfully imaginative method of resistance. The show starts with the news of Brexit and an ominous army-like line of Royal waves from the cast. However, a quick strip from red dresses into black leotards, colourful lighting and funky music is when the show really kicks off and sets the tone for the play.

Presented as a game show and competition, five contestants from various European countries are given the chance to battle one another and earn the title of "Miss Brexit", and be allowed to remain in the UK. Through a series of trivia, physical challenges and performances, the public (audience) help choose winners each round. In between this hilarious set up comes a darker and more serious undertone, wherein the struggles of each contestant is explored in detail. The show requires audience participation to not only help in selecting winners from each round, but also to join the cast on stage for certain competition rounds. 

The cast are incredible and bring their own strengths to their characters, and are given plenty of opportunity to lead the play. Isabel Mulas (Italy) delivers a subtler performance and provides a sense of calm and maturity amongst the utter chaos of the play. Shivone Dominguez Blascikova (Spain, Slovakia and Cuba) injects her individual story with a moving performance and beautiful vocals. Maxence Marmy (Switzerland) is a delightful performer, nailing the unique mannerisms and is wonderful both as a hopeful young girl, and a weary young woman. 

Alba Villaitodo (Catalonia, Spain) is a cheeky performer, managing to dial up the sexual chemistry with implied innuendos, yet carries real heart in her performance and voice. Ricardo Ferreira (Portugal) was revelationary, bringing the audience to tears in his monologues and brilliant use of silence to shift the weight of his emotions onto the audience. George Berry (Australia) is a show stealer as the game host - as charming, witty, entertaining and flamboyant as he is, he also counters this with another heartbreaking song. 

The competition is thoroughly amusing, witty and political, taking jabs at not only the British Government as a whole, but specific people and events. Whether it's the satirical and exaggerated nature of the piece, or the humour covered observations, the competition portions causes one to reflect and remember what built this nation without feeling emotionally wrecked by it. The deep dive into the individual's journeys to England, however, affords no such protection. Based on true stories, the horror of how quickly and brutally dreams are shattered make clear and instant impacts. From Switzerland's story about painful reality, to Cuba's being trapped in the flawed rules of immigration, or Portugal's bittersweet and tear jerker of a story, it is an excellently developed piece.  

Miss Brexit is a small show with big heart, and even bigger ambition, which it succeeds in.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4*)

Gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Hanna Ptáčková


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