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Jack and His Giant Beanstalk | Prince of Wales Drury Lane

With a title like Jack and His Giant Beanstalk and a tagline that boldly claims to be 'London's number one adult panto,' you might think you know what's…coming. Yet, nothing quite prepares you for the raucous, ribald, and downright uproarious spectacle that unfolds in this intimate theatre pub space at The Prince of Wales Drury Lane.


Directed by the irrepressible Simon Gross, known from Big Brother, and assisted by Monroe Adams, who also takes charge of choreography, this cheeky panto takes the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and spins it into an adult-themed extravaganza. The result? A show that is rude, chaotic, camp, and absolutely bonkers. In fact, I found myself putting my pen down halfway through the performance, choosing instead to simply soak in the madness and revelry.


The cast of six, featuring Simon Gross as the villainous Queen Genetalia, Monroe Adams as the enchanting Fairy Barbie, Matthew George as the valiant Jack Trott, Grace Sheridan as the goody two shoes Princess Jill, Tom White as the flamboyant Dame Trott (Jack's mother), and Joseph Greenwood as the lovable Daisy the Cow, are utterly committed to ensuring that the audience has a rollicking good time.

The production employs all the familiar panto tropes – audience interaction, the classic 'he's behind you' moment, and enthusiastic cheering and booing. The musical numbers, ranging from ‘Thriller’ to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ to ‘I Will Survive’, expertly directed by Alexandra Middleditch, have the audience singing along and add to the overall entertainment.


While there are noticeable gaps and weaknesses in the script, with some jokes landing more successfully than others, it hardly matters. The audience remains engaged and laughing from start to finish, clearly revelling in the unapologetic, cheeky humour that pervades every scene.


Costume design by Katy Taylor and Misty Turnball is a highlight, as the outfits are over-the-top and outlandish, perfectly complementing the whimsical nature of the production. The charm of the piece lies in its scrappy, raw, and unpolished quality, making it feel authentic and full of heart.


Jack and His Giant Beanstalk is campy, funny, and unapologetically laden with innuendos and rude jokes, exactly what one would expect from an adult panto. It's a show recommended for those seeking a night out filled with guaranteed fun, laughter, and cheeky humour.


As with all adult pantos, you can expect, well… a happy ending. It's a riotous romp that not only embraces the traditions of pantomime but takes them to a whole new level of adult-themed hilarity. So, if you're in the mood for a good night out and can appreciate the charm of unrefined, exuberant entertainment, Jack and His Giant Beanstalk is an absolute must-see.


Jack and His Giant Beanstalk plays at The Prince of Wales Drury Lane until 22 Dec. For more information and tickets, follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography provided by PR


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