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Hadestown | Lyric Theatre

Do you love Greek mythology? Are you a fan of New Orleans jazz and folktale? Well, Hadestown is the show for you. Anaïs Mitchell, lyricist and writer, brings the Tony Award-winning musical, Hadestown, back to the UK, giving it a West End home.

Hadestown intertwines two love powerful Greek mythical love stories. One between Orpheus and Eurydice and the second between Hades, king of the underworld, and his wife Persephone. Audiences are taken deep into the underworld to imagine what the world around them could be like. Though this mythical love story has captured the hearts of many people who have seen it on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and the National Theatre, could it win the hearts of making its comeback in a new home?

Absolutely! This production of Hadestown oozes off the mystic genuine feel that has been done in the past, keeping its reputation of being one of the best musicals to ever hit a stage. Rachel Chavkin’s direction seamlessly transfers from the US to the UK. Though a bit of emotion was lacking in the first act, it was picked up in the second. The entire cast poured everything they had to aid the authenticity of this beautiful love story in a new way without wavering. You can tell they have worked hard behind the scenes to build a genuine connection with each other and have built trust that makes this production in great shape.

 As you watch, there are stand-out performances that gather your attention. Melanie La Barrie as Hermes guides this story with so much passion that you feel like you are a part of it. Her spirit and drive give the character Hermes a new life like you’ve never seen before. La Barrie is also the first female to play this role in London and the second female to play Hermes in the history of the show.

Gloria Onitiri returns to the role of Persephone after having understudied during the run at the National Theatre. You would have never thought she was an understudy as she plays this role as if it's second nature. Her poise, demeanour, and vulnerability are astounding. Dónal Finn as Orpheus embodies this role with such class and grace, making the audience believe every word he sings. He gives Orpheus a strong-willed, yet compassionate behavior that is sweet and gentle.

Not only are the cast phenomenal, but the atmosphere created by the set designer Rachel Hauck and the lighting designer Bradley King is impeccable as well. Every detail is well thought out and an essential piece of helping tell this love story. The leveling of the stage to transport you to the underworld is astounding and breathtaking. This incorporated with the brilliant choreography drawn up by David Neumann truly leaves you speechless for words to say.

With Hadestown's mythical love story infused with its modern folk tale and New Orleans jazz-inspired score, audiences are sure to leave wanting to come back for more. Audiences can catch this production running at the Lyric Theatre until 22nd December 2024, for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here. You will truly not be disappointed.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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