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GuyMart | King's Head Theatre

Picture this: the endless options of gay hook-up apps presented in the form of a supermarket. Seems absurd, doesn’t it? To be completely transparent, I thought so too. But the ingenious writing of George Lacey and original score by Richard Seaman has succeeded in using a twisted concept to highlight the dangers faced by its participants: whether they be physical, or in most cases, psychological.

GuyMart follows young Matt as he joins the aisles of the supermarket in the hopes of finding ‘the one.’ But he soon realises that behind those promises of success, lie endless failures and tests of self-worth. Nonetheless, it is very possible that this unconventional plotline will revolutionise those 21st century ideals of romance.

What struck me most about this storyline is that although the world created through GuyMart is ultimately fictional, it is not too different from today’s reality. As a result, the cast of GuyMart serve as a cautionary tale into how joyful marketing may hide a dark and twisted reality, albeit with surprisingly hilarious lyrics and catchy tunes. But more than that, this worked as a social commentary on the toxic cycles engineered by meaningless relations.

I personally very much enjoyed the interaction that was created with the audience which, masked by a façade of jokes and oftentimes hilariously inappropriate comments, serves as a reminder to the audience that the reality of GuyMart may not be as foreign as they may hope.

There are many layers to this piece, from heart-warming romance to disturbing accounts of sexual exploitation, all of which are explored with such delicacy by brilliant music and delivered by a very talented four-person cast. However, it almost instantly pulls you into the untold disturbing realities of hook-up apps, leaving behind a sour aftertaste and feelings of empathy for its vulnerable victims. The whole cast of this show deserve an honourable mention as all four members embodied their characters with such candour that they effortlessly delivered such a multi-layered storyline.

Overall, I loved the duality that was presented by this show’s creators, and how it translates even to the delivery of its storyline. Every detail of this production was clearly very well thought through, and it clearly paid off as the audience was left in constant awe whilst they immersed themselves in the world of GuyMart – for better or for worse.

GuyMart plays at King's Head Theatre until 6th July. For more tickets and information, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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