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GISELLE: Remix | Pleasance Theatre

GISELLE: Remix at the Pleasance Theatre, which is created by Jack Sears and Hannah Grennell, is a contemporary dance performance which in its essence strives towards being a

bold avant-garde reimagining of a traditional ballet. Interpreting the ballet through a Queer contemporary lens for London audiences, GISELLE: Remix follows the story of Giselle who in this version is a young man who goes through three stages of heart break as a young queer man. Giselle realises he is gay, falls head over heels in love and is eventually betrayed and cheated on. This ignites a desire for revenge via the pursuit of the darker side of lust, with a period of endless casual sex, to then eventually coming out on the other side of heart break with acceptance and self-love.

Jack Sears gives a moving performance that brings sensitive acting ability to the dance troupe who work well together as an ensemble. Choreography by Hannah Grennell is

dynamic and impressive, gelling the troupe as one orgasm in ensemble moments, whilst

creating isolated solos for Sears which highlights his isolation following his heartbreak.

Although the ability of the dancers is impressive, and the story clearly told, there is an

overwhelming sense of a lack of subtlety or any nuance, which creates waning interest

or engagement from the audience. Technically there is an excessively loud soundtrack

which doesn’t cease, flashing lights, hyper sexuality in the form, for example, of thongs

and gimp suits; if this were juxtaposed with more moments of subtlety or quiet, then they

may have had more impact and shock value. Instead, one becomes immune only ten

minutes in and is left with little for the imagination or interpretation.

Commendations must be given to the troupe for their physical prowess as well as the passion behind the project from its creators, who are clearly passionate about telling this story with a contemporary queer lens. GISELLE: Remix runs at the Pleasance Theatre until 27th April - for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Ali Wright:


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