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Giffords Circus Avalon | Chiswick House and Gardens

Come one, come all to the fantastical land of Avalon where the feats are daring and the performances enchanting.

Avalon is the 2024 touring production of the famous circus legends, Giffords. This company has been around for many a year and still manages to marvel the audience with their performances. The circus began with a dream. A dream to make magic and  enchant audiences with incredible performances. Nel Gifford dreamed of more than that however, the dream was to build a family celebrating differences and perform as one. After this performance, it would be a folly to call that dream anything but a success.

Based on the legends of King Arthur of the round table, and set on the mythical land of Avalon, the daring performers achieve great feats before the audience’s eyes. The story is accompanied by a band and the scintillating voice of Queen Guinevere (Nell O’Hara) who take you on a mystical journey through the Middle Ages, full of classic circus acts leaving the audience in utter awe.  

From dog tricks to aerial hoops and acrobatics, the live music drives the spirit of the piece and really makes a difference when each pulsating beat of the drum is used effectively. Each performer works in perfect symbiosis with the music, adding to the magic and mystic of the piece. Further, the stage is set following the basic features of a circus, but adding beautiful decors to transport the audiences to the Middle Ages. From wooden ships to a stone tower, in which resides the Lady of the Lake, and the great big door of the castle, welcoming all sorts of acts through its grand passage. The stage in itself is no mundane feat as it brings in an atmospheric boost and an added marvel to the already dazzled eyes of the audience.

As well as having mind boggling and altogether terrifyingly awesome tricks in store, the Giffords circus also has a classic element of comedy. Not an unwelcome tension relief as its main performers really take the assignment to the next level. Join Tyler West (Cuthbert the unruly schoolboy) as he attempts to defy the odds and join the knights of the round table. The script itself is very well written, but West’s comedic timing results in uproars of laughter from adults and children alike. Alongside West is Maximiliano Stia as Merlin, the famous sorcerer.

Acting as the voice of reason, Stia also joins in on the tomfoolery, often being dragged in by Cuthbert’s unruly ways. The pair reimagine the classic role of the clowns, but taking the parts further by themselves participating in the proposed feats. All in all, it seems as though the duo works perfectly as a bridge between the comedy and the tense moments of utter awe.

Giffords Circus’ Avalon is sure to be a success for children and adults alike as there is something special about it for everyone. Avalon runs at Chiswick

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5*)

Gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography provided by PR team


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