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George Lacey and Richard Seaman (Toughnut Theatre)

Toughnut Theatre brings GuyMart to King's Head Theatre in July as part of MT Pride Lab Takeover. We took the opportunity to speak to George (book and lyrics director) and Richard (composer and musical director) ahead of the show's run to tell us more about this exciting, new musical.

Q) This is your first time breaking into London with a musical, what inspired you to become writers?

R - when I was twelve years old, I decided I wanted to be a musical theatre writer after being taken to the West End.

G - I've always loved telling stories, and even now I get totally lost in my imagination, and writing shows is my way of expressing what I find there.

Q) What challenges have you faced so far as writers?

The hardest thing to face is those emails saying no, and finding the strength to pick yourself up and carry on. Our biggest lesson we've learned so far is that things happen when they are ready to, and with GuyMart, we think our time has finally arrived.

Q) Can you tell us a little bit more about GuyMart?

GuyMart imagines gay hook up apps as a supermarket, where men go to shop for their next sexual partner. It is a fun look at the nature of gay hook up culture, yet at the same time exploring the effects it can have on gay men.

Q) What has your writing process been like?

It's been challenging, for example, finding the right tone, especially when dealing with a topic which has so many layers, and that has different meanings to so many different people. We've been writing together for four years, and it's been so fun to bring our lyrics and music together, we can't wait to bring our songs and storytelling to London.

Q) What messages or themes do you wish to explore through this piece of theatre?

GuyMart explores how online apps and technology impacts how we form relationships, and how the way we interact with each other is always changing, for better and for worse. It also shows how these apps can be addictive, and how they can slowly take over.

Q) What are you hoping audiences take away from GuyMart?

Whilst the world we are bringing to life is fantasy, we hope our audiences find that it's not too far from their own reality. We want to reach those who may have had similar experiences, but we also want to give people an insight into hookup culture, such as those who may have never ventured into it.

GuyMart combines comical songs with fast-paced storytelling, poking fun at the destruction of hook-up culture. It plays at King's Head Theatre until 6th July - for more tickets and information, you can follow this link here.


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