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Fury & Elysium | The Other Palace Studio

Fury & Elysium is an exciting, brand-new musical by Calista Kazuko Georget with a book by Stephanie Martin that gives the audience a glimpse of the way Berlin witnessed the indelible imprints of six remarkable female figures who played a pivotal role in shaping the Weimar Republic. These influential icons brought their unique and distinctive contributions to the cultural fabric of the city. It really is a glimpse. With a run time of less than two hours and six characters to discuss and showcase, the audience is given the most tantalising of tempting titbits about each one – a snapshot of one moment of their fascinating life or a potted history of what they achieved and how they suffered. Every single one of the characters (real people, by the way) on stage could have a musical devoted solely to them, and although we don’t get to know these incredible women as well as we should, we know enough to understand why they must not be forgotten.

Speaking of the characters, Fury & Elysium is about Rosa Luxemburg (a socialist who was assassinated, played by Michal Horowicz), Claire Waldorff (a drag king, played by Ashley Goh), Valeska Gert (a Dadaist artist, played by Rosie Yadid), Gabrielle Terget (a Jewish journalist, played by Maya Kristal Tenenbaum), Anita Berber (a dancer, played by Iz Hesketh), and Kitty Schmidt (a madam, played by Danielle Steers).

The performances in Fury & Elysium left a profound impact, as they skillfully weaved heartrending revelations through poetic and seamless storytelling. With each line flowing effortlessly into the next, including the songs, the narratives slowly revealed the intricate web of lives that ran parallel to one another at a dangerous and unstable time. By untangling these stories, the individuals involved and their remarkable sacrifices came into sharp focus, and the poignant portrayal reminded us of the pressing need to truly see and understand these individuals, recognising the immense price they paid for their unwavering commitment to their ideals.

There were two standout moments in this show. The first was Danielle Steers’ performance of “Salon Kitty”, a song about the seedy side of Berlin. It wasn’t just the song itself that was riveting (although it was hard to take your eyes of Steers) – everyone on stage came together to make this moment one that shone with a final impact that left the audience wanting more (it’s no wonder this was sung just before the interval). The second moment was Maya Kristal Tenenbaum’s rendition of “Across The Seas”. Beautiful words, beautiful melody, beautiful voice… I can’t have been the only audience member to be choked up after she finished.

A fascinating and bold new idea, Fury & Elysium explores the colourful tapestry of remarkable women, where every thread represents a story of courage, passion, and individuality against all odds.

Fury & Elysium runs at The Other Palace Studio until the 18th June. For more tickets and information, you can follow this link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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