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Divas London | Tattershall Castle

Divas London is a wild, wacky and wonderful show that pays homage to some of the greatest hits by Divas over the years. Hosted by Simon Gross in drag, this is the perfect place to unleash your inner Diva and dress up for a fun evening out. Divas London features three powerhouse singers - Hayley Maybury, Amber Atkinson and Pritee Almeida, two incredible dancers - Jared Stanton and Joshua Dance, and drag hostess and producer Simon Gross. 

The show covers the greatest hits from the most beloved of Divas, including but not limited to "Stop In The Name Of Love", "Natural Woman", "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" and many more. Gross is the drag hostess that you want captaining this boat party. With no end of jabs at the audience (do not sit front row if you're shy), and a constant stream of sexual jokes, this is filthy fun at its finest. Inviting audience to sing along, even bringing a few members on stage for a song, Gross sets and maintains a high energy atmosphere. He really takes the time to get to know his audience. Playing up to audience members taking video recordings Gross is the life of the party at Divas London.

The three performers are sensational and powerful with an array of well chosen numbers to showcase their vocals. Atkinson, in her professional debut, is incredible, managing to evoke moving moments and garnering standing ovations for her songs. Almeida is a strong tribute vocalist and brings a rush of energy and electricity to her performances. Maybury is brilliant and rightfully leaves the audience speechless after her stirring performance of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". These are three singers to watch out for. With costume and wig changes for each song, it's a constant stream of beloved older classics.

The two dancers, Stanton and Dance, are wonderful additions to the performances. Despite the swaying of the boat, and the low ceiling of the venue, Dance manages some particularly impressive choreography and Stanton wins the audience with his mischievous energy and a hilarious cheeky rendition of "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. 

The costumes and wigs (Kara Richardson and Corinne Hayesmore) are both glamorous and pay tribute to the respective artists. The level of attention that's been paid to the finer details is great to see and it's clear that the show cares about its Divas. The Tattershall Castle is a beautiful location for Divas London. Set in a small cabaret bar on an anchored boat on the River Thames, the room boasts a wonderful and unique view of the London Eye. With a bar at the back of the room, cosy booths for larger groups, and seating along the room, the space is buzzing with mirth and laughter. The acts move around the room, interacting with and singing to audience members, and each seat has a good view of the performances. 

Divas London continues to be a unique and ultimate party on a boat. Divas London is currently playing at the Sway Cabaret on Friday nights and at the Tattershall Castle on Saturday and Sundays until 23rd June. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


Gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Peter Hogan


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