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Divas, London | Prince of Wales Cabaret Venue

What a way to conclude pride month/commence pride weekend! ‘Divas London’ is a self-proclaimed ‘riot’ of a cabaret show. Celebrating the multitude of divas we’ve all grown to love, from Whitney Houston to Amy Winehouse, to Tina Turner, to Elsa, amongst many more!

Welcomed into the venue by Miss Hot Stuff (Simon Gross), I knew we were in for a rambunctious evening. Miss Hot Stuff was a wonderful host who knew how to engage her audience - or to call someone out if they weren’t behaving. I was regularly pointed out in the show for being a reviewer which was hilarious. As requested to put in the review, Simon ‘makes a pratt out of himself’- but it was definitely to the audience’s amusement.

A show like this thrives off the audience’s energy. On the night I attended, they were cautiously lively, however the performers didn’t let this hold them back. Great choice to start the night with ‘I Am the Music Man’. Not only to start the party, but to suss out the audience. I was in my element with good vibes only at the Prince of Wales Cabaret Venue.

Enthusiasm shined when singing the iconic hits of some legendary divas. Mollie Mason-King, Rebecca Williamson, Pamela Yvonne-Cole, and Conor Ensor really gave it their all. Occasionally the audience weren’t very receptive to the brilliant talents of these performers, but I was very glad they were appreciated for their huge belting of notes! Just wow! Conor Ensor must be highlighted for his stage presence. One dancer down, Conor provided the energy and facial expressions for two. Passion radiating from him, his face gave a performance in itself.

Nostalgia hit in the 80s section of the night. Transporting me back to the music I grew up with as it was my parents’ era. Plus, I performed a solo to Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ in a school musical so I was very glad to be encouraged to singalong the entire evening. I may not have been able to hold back otherwise. This sequence of songs captivated the whole audience and the atmosphere was immaculate.

Before the interval we were also treated to a ‘Seven Deadly Divas’ medley which was another favourite section of mine. Rapid tastes of an assortment of divas, everyone was bound to enjoy it. When creating the set for the evening, Divas London knew where they would capture the audience most and played on this. However, some songs didn’t always match the lively vibe of the evening, it would have been good to include more songs which are easier to sing or clap along to.

A chaotic evening, best joined with alcohol and friends, ‘Divas London’ will guarantee a smile on your face. Don’t be shy and make the most of the entertainment. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Noteworthy, ‘Divas London’ were raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. Please if you get a moment, have a read into what they do and donate if you can.

Divas London finishes its run at the Prince of Wales Cabaret Venue on the 4th July. For more tickets and information, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Peter Hogan


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