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Dina Martina: Substandards | Soho Theatre

Dina Martina, a well known Drag performer returns to London after a few years in her new show Dina Martina: Sub-Standards. Narrating incidents from her life, coupled with quick and witty observations, Dina Martina is a delight to witness. 

The show's simplicity is a clever little touch that sets it apart from a number of other cabaret shows.  With small but consistently hilarious quips sprinkled throughout, the show breaks the flow frequently with audience laughter.

Musical numbers further punctuate the piece with Dina Martina taking to the mic with enthusiastic energy. Having written and performed the songs herself, the songs too feel exaggerated, neatly incorporating her style of comedy into these songs. 

The show mixes the past and future by including an extended video projection of edited clips of Dina Martina in various dramatic moments from old Hollywood movies. Adding to this is the additional commentary made by Dina Martina that tackle issues and references that are currently political and relatable.

Dina Martina, who is hailed by critics, colleagues and fans, plays into the self awareness angle of the show. She both puts herself on the spotlight and stresses that she would rather not. These moments include fun throwback to catchphrases said by Dina Martina over the years, and these become a metaphorical journey in her world.

As a first timer at a Dina Martina show, I did feel a little out of the loop at times, but these moments were lovingly embraced by other audience members. Dina demonstrates the natural ability to poke fun of people in an non-offensive nature. 

Dina Martina is a star drag performer, effortlessly filling the stage and room with her personality and antics. A wonderfully fun, cabaret style night out, Dina Martina reinforces the notion that she is one of the best in the business. Dina Martina: Substandards is currently playing at the Soho Theatre until the 24th February, for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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