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Alex Moran (Shock Horror)

Following a critically acclaimed sold out tour in 2022, Thunder Road Theatre Production takes their production Shock Horror back on tour this Autumn. Shock Horror takes audiences on a terrifying journey, described as Stranger Things meets The Woman in Black, this haunting and cutting edge ghost story is the first of its kind to combine multi-media screen action with live stage performance. We took the opportunity to speak to producer and actor Alex Moran to find out more.

Q) Please could you tell us a little bit about what ‘Shock Horror’ is?

Shock Horror is an original ghost story set in a haunted cinema called The Metropol. It’s about a horror fanatic who once grew up there, back now to wake his childhood memories from the dead... but he isn’t alone...

Q) This production combines live performance with illusion and multimedia – are there still elements of this show that continue to shock/surprise you?

That’s a fantastic question and a resounding yes! It’s the story for me, there isn’t a single word of Ryan’s brilliant script that hasn’t been carefully thought out. So much mystery, playful moments and nostalgic nods to cult films that allow the horror, multimedia and illusion to tie in seamlessly.

Q) This show experienced a sell-out tour back in 2022; is the production much the same or can we expect any exciting changes?

The show is a completely different beast to last year. The production value is on another level. The set, scares, sounds and tricks have undergone some incredibly exciting changes. We want the audience experience to be beyond fear. The creative team have gone above and beyond to make this possible.

Q) How has the whole creative and rehearsal process been so far?

Very special. Whatsapp group chat/video became the day to day in pre- production and that first live meeting for the whole team was very exciting. We’re all horror fanatics, everyone has so much to say about the show.

Q) What do you hope for with regards to audience reactions?

Last year was met with so much positivity and inspired reactions - a young artist even sent an incredible poster he’d designed straight after seeing it. More of that delight would be wonderful. Love for the innovation, joy for the jump scares and, if I do my job right - a strong emotional connection to the story.

Q) Just a fun question to finish off – what’s your favourite scary movie?

It’s a tough one because I said Get Out in an interview recently, and then I watched Halloween again. I’ll have to say both: Get Out for the subject matter and that jaw-dropping twist, Halloween for it’s intense music score and spine-tingling suspense sequences!

Shock Horror starts its tour at Churchill Theatre Bromley on the 27th September. It then visits the following venues; Macready Theatre Rugby, Exeter Northcott Theatre, Theatre Royal Winchester, Wyvern Theatre Swindon, Palace Theatre Southend, Beck Theatre Hayes and Crewe Lyceum Theatre. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


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