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The TigerFace Show | Old Joint Stock Theatre

Imagine going to a theatre show with the possibility of your childhood dream job coming true? Well, that’s what I witnessed this week at the Old Joint Stock Pub and Theatre in Birmingham as Yasmine lived out her ambition to be an astronaut, moon boots and all. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?! Well, for that moment, as the audience cheered her on (and

threw cardboard meteoroids, possibly a little too aggressively), it truly was. But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The performance is set up like you are watching a 90’s Kids TV programme called ‘The TigerFace Show’. Our protagonist, ‘TigerFace’, (Justin Teddy Cliffe) is trying to recreate his last ever episode but everything is going wrong. Described as “raucous and a little bit depressing” from an audience member on the way out, TigerFace explores what happens when you don’t achieve your dreams. Do you try and find an aspect of your dream in your every day life? Or forget about the past and learn to live in the moment? Or do you keep trying? The show doesn’t try to give you all the answers (as much as I was searching for one) and at times, hits too close to home.

Justin Teddy Cliffe is a triumph as TigerFace. Funny, witty, energetic with awesome balloon skills, Cliffe even made me feel emotional over a toy parrot. Whilst this show isn’t for everyone (definitely not for children), if you want cheap therapy with yellow jelly, it could be for you.


Gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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