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The SingEasy Experience - The Musical Theatre Party in London

SingEasy is a well-established hangout for anyone stagey. So much so that they have started SingEasy Lates, where from Midnight until 3am on Saturdays a DJ will play all of your favourite theatre hits. Located within The Piano Works, SingEasy is a small bar and dining area plastered floor to ceiling with posters of every musical you can imagine.

Besides the thousands of theatre posters as decoration, the focal point is a stunning piano located on a slightly raised platform where your MD for the night will be playing - for our evening, it was the insanely talented Michael Webborn. The unique selling point for SingEasy is the fact that it is completely request only, they only perform songs requested by the customers and BOY do they perform!

Every single staff member sang at one point and all had stunning voices, yes, even the bar staff AND the management! Our host for the evening was the hilarious Christopher Bartlett-Walford whose one-liners and witty responses to selected songs had the night flying by. The full list of staff we had alongside Christopher and Michael are: Sarah Moore, Rhian Lynch, Cecilia Wanjor Jarved, Ellan Mangham, Alice Abbott, Ethan Caleb Johnson and Elinor Morris.

Every single staff member had their own moment to shine, from Cecilia performing a verse of ‘Let it Go’ in Swedish, Ethan’s angelic ‘Johanna’ to Alice’s pure elation at performing ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat.’ Their performance of ‘I’m Alive’ from Next To Normal will stick in my brain for a LONG time. Just don’t request anything from the Spice Girls musical if Christopher is working, he is not a fan of that one. If you want to get called out for the entire night, request 'Guns and Ships' from Hamilton on your first song slip like we did.

Amongst the non-stop performances, the staff were still delivering food and drinks to tables in a timely manner, swapping out with other staff when it was their turn to sing. You would have expected it to be a bit awkward or disjointed but they have it off to a fine art, proving that this experience definitely has hosts with the most.

Myself and my guest got to experience the two course pre-theatre menu, getting chicken goujons to start and then I had steak whereas she had fish pie. Both of us enjoyed our meals a lot! It was decent quality food with speedy service, not the cheap food you get in other venues. Other menus are available, but this one is perfect for those wanting a bite to eat before a show that isn’t too heavy yet still filling.

Alongside the meal, the cocktail menu was also put to use, I tried the Pornstar Martini, Espresso Martini and the Long Island Iced Tea. All of the drinks tasted amazing, and as someone who has worked in many bars, I know a good drink when I taste one. They also have happy hour between 5-7pm where you can get two drinks for one - so even better value!

As the performances came to a close at midnight, the night was only just getting started. The DJ set up and immediately launched into mixes of & Juliet, Lion King and Six, continuing the vibe into the early hours. I will say that our evening was pretty quiet, however, it was the first night, so it was to be expected. As more people discover this hidden gem, I can guarantee it will be an insane time. Around the piano can easily be used as a dancefloor for those busier nights too.

I’ll definitely be going back, and even if I don’t stay for the lates, the regular evenings are just as spectacular! The audience interaction is second-to-none and really makes this an all-round enjoyable experience.

{AD | gifted} Written by Ely King | Photography by Paul Torode


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