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Malevo | Peacock Theatre

Malevo is created, directed and choreographed by Matias Jaime. He also performs alongside 14 other incredible dancers, designed to introduce traditional Argentine dance to the modern audience, this show becomes a glorious and victorious celebration of its roots, leaving us longing for more. 

The show sets itself up to impossibly high standards from the get go, and yet manages to surpass this with an increasingly stunning show. Whilst it's presented as more of a showcase of various dance styles, the show keeps you engaged throughout and transfixed by the magic that is taking place on stage.  The dancers move inhumanely fast, and it is an explosive and exhilarating experience that engulfs the audience. It's spell-binding from the moment that the dancers walk onto the stage and command (and deserve) your rapt attention. The sense of community and brotherhood is evident in the group, with small nods and pride smiles whenever they catch each other's eyes. The dancers are rooting for one another and we can feel this love pulsating from the stage as they become one moving body. 

The synchronisation, the speed and the sheer talent of the team must be commended upon as it results in an incredibly stunning show. With clear, clean steps and rhythms, the audience are never overwhelmed by the dance, yet it's still a wonder for us to behold. The show does this incredibly well throughout, however it is the moments with the boleadoras (stone balls wrapped in leather and tied together by rope) that create some of the show's best moments. Using insane speed, incredible control and a brilliant beat, it's almost gravity defying to watch the stunning visuals that are created amidst the dance. 

The band consists of musicians Carlos Acosta, Lucas Coria, Gustavo Ybarbas and Martin Morales (also musical director), and together they create epic and cinematic beats and powerful song covers that will seep into your soul, the band elevates the show to new heights. With music that would inspire one to tackle and conquer mountains, the music pushes the show to hit harder. Given equal importance to the dance, the band are present on stage throughout and even have several moments of just instrumentals. The music also helps to structure the show, often bringing in emotion (even managing to evoke a few moments of laughter) and helping navigate us from one style to another. 

The lighting design (Eber Cepeda) is gorgeous, using a variety of lighting to make this a further spectacle to watch. The harsh spotlight contracts with the blue mood lighting, or the darker colours, with a flooding of golden light, it's beautifully designed. However towards the end of the show there is a few minutes of continous blindly bright flashing aimed at the audience from the stage. I was sat in stalls and was forced to close my eyes for those few minutes, unfortunately missing out on the dance. 

Malevo is an athletic feat with a marvellous beat and is a delight for the eyes and ears. Playing at the Peacock Theatre until 4th November. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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