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Crème de la Crème | Fool's Paradise

Crème de la Crème is a spectacular display of talent that will leave you wanting more. With an array of variety, this slideshow of incredible tricks and stunts will no doubt have you clutching your chairs and averting your eyes in wonderous horror. The show is polished and professional, whilst still being funny and personable thanks to the charismatic host Cal Harris. No moment was left unfilled by something jaw-dropping and I’m sure the audience could have sat there all night. The performers created such an electric atmosphere, it’s hard to find another theatre experience quite like this one.

Cal Harris gave the standout performance of the evening, creating a bond with the audience and seamlessly transitioning between the performances taking place, whilst also performing some stunts of his own. He kept the audience in fits of laughter while building suspense and excitement for what was to come. He participated with the audience, even inviting somebody onto the stage to be part of his stunt, ahe show would not have been the same without him. Harris made what would already have been an incredibly special show, just that more memorable.

The lighting and staging were simple but suited a variety show of this kind. With lighting designs specialised for each performer and a cut to black out before each act began, it allowed each performance to stand in its own right, a clear separation from the act we just watched. The staging also had no specific elements as the different performers used the stage differently and there was a clear need for space to execute the stunts safely. Despite being bare, however, the performance space never felt empty. Each performer appeared with their own props, from a wooden board ready to have knives thrown against it, to a chair and a table of razor blades ready to be swallowed. The night was packed with excitement of the highest level, presenting an appearance of organised chaos, that was clearly rehearsed and planned to perfection.

The direction of the show was amazing. Each section between acts from Cal, each stunt and each moment of audience participation was executed to an incredibly high standard. The show brought the feeling of a big and flashy circus to an intimate theatre, an idea that in theory would be dismissed, but in practise, was a definite success. As an audience member, you can sit and watch in suspense, but felling comfortable that the show is a practiced and professional one. The choreography of this production is effective, each act stood in its own right, and with so many amazing talents, it could be easy to get lost. But not one act did, each act was polished to perfection and stood out. You could tell that every performer loved what they were doing and this shone through every single trick.

Overall, Crème de la Crème is definitely a show worth seeing. If you’re looking for the perfect night out that will leave you in awe, then you’ve found it. The show felt exciting and left you wanting more, it was an atmosphere and performance like no other. With an array of spell-bounding stunts and comedy that will knock your socks off you will be hard-passed to find another show that matches up to it. Crème de la Crème is playing at Fools Paradise Brighton until 1st June - for more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


Gifted tickets in return for an honest review


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