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Beautiful Evil Things | Theatr Clwyd

Beautiful Evil Things is a one-handed show that recounts the Greek Mythology surrounding the Trojan War. Re-told by one of the most famous gorgons in Greek Mythology, Medusa, writer Deborah Pugh gives audiences the opportunity to view these well-worn classics through the female gaze perspective, and shines light on some of the most phenomenally flawed, fearless and strong ancient wonder women in Greek Mythology.


Deborah Pugh, who co-created and stars in this one-hander, gives an utterly captivating and compelling performance. Every single movement is carefully considered and calculated to ensure that the story-telling element is consistently engaging. Bouncing between an almost stand-up like performance, in which Pugh interacts with the audience and sprinkles moments of wit and humour, to then jumping into moments of impactful and high energy storytelling, Pugh never misses a beat and has the audience transfixed by her performance.


Pugh introduces the audience to several different stories and ancient deities throughout this quick-paced and high energy performance; however, each deity is easy to distinguish due to Pugh’s phenomenal ability to create and maintain different characterisations. It's truly impressive to witness the pace in which Pugh bounces between the different deities and tales. There are a couple of moments in which it seems to difficult to keep up with Pugh, however, the storytelling is that gripping and enticing that it never feels tricky to fall straight back into.

 Sound design (Sam Halmarack) and compositions by Halmrack and Pugh completely immerse you into the storytelling. The compositions are effective in building tension and sound effects are often used to create atmosphere, which further elevates the performance. Lighting design (Ali Hunter) transports you to different times and locations in the story, using warm hues for when Medusa is performing her stand up act and dark greens and blues when being immersed into the story.


Upon entering the auditorium and observing a stage set up with minimal props apart from five microphone stands, a red chest and a circle of tangled red wires, there was an initial apprehensiveness in regard to the engagement of the piece. However, Pugh proves that sometimes all that is needed is a gripping story to tell, and an incredible talent for physical storytelling.


Beautiful Evil Things is a gripping and enthralling insight into Greek Mythology. A piece of theatre that bleeds out of the soul onto the stage through a quick-paced, energetic and impactful one-hander, this is a piece of theatre that truly will have you sat on the end of your seat. Sadly, Beautiful Evil Things has ended its run at Theatr Clwyd, but is continuing on a tour of UK venues up until June 2024. For more information and tickets, you can follow the link here.


AD | gifted tickets in return for an honest review | photography by Camilla Adams


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